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AGCO Genuine Care

Operate with peace of mind. Don’t worry about the maintenance of your machine, we’ve got you covered. All GenuineCare plans come with a preset service interval schedule to take keeping up with a service calendar off your to-do list, permanently.


Peace of mind is priceless—it allows you to focus on what truly matters.

  • Catch Issues Before They Happen: By proactively addressing issues, you prevent costly disruptions and maintain your competitive edge.

  • Know What You’re Paying and Save: Transparency is key. With clear pricing upfront, you can budget effectively and avoid surprises. Plus, locking in savings ensures you get the best value for your investment of up to 15% off, whether it’s parts or labor.

  • Parts and Labor Warranty: Your peace of mind matters. With a 12-month warranty on genuine AGCO parts and six months on labor, you’re covered. No need to worry about unexpected repair costs.

  • Get More When You Resell: A complete service record and transferable GenuineCare coverage enhance the resale value of your equipment. Buyers appreciate the assurance of a well-maintained machine, and you can command a better price.


Standard Plan*

  • AGCO’s Full-Service package ensures complete peace of mind.

  • Included is scheduled maintenance, parts and labor, fluid analysis and a full inspection.

  • Enjoy a 15% discount on parts and labor.


Annual Plan*

  • Ideal for both operators who can’t stop during the season and weekend warriors with minimal machine hours.
  • Choose from three service levels:
    • Basic: Covers engine oil/filter and fuel filters.
    • Standard: Adds air filters and transmission service.
    • Premium: Includes engine coolant and axle/differential service.
  • Enjoy a 15% discount on parts and labor.


Parts Only Plan

  • Designed for do-it-yourselfers.

  • Purchase parts for major service intervals upfront or when needed.

  • Plan is based on operator manual maintenance chart, starting at 50 hours and up to 10,000 engine hours.

  • An option that rovides peace of mind with fixed parts prices. 

*Offered for machines 2015 and newer.