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Harvest Solutions

Improve your harvesting efficiency and harvest data reporting with our range of technology solutions from Fendt, Ag Leader, FieldView™ and Headsight®.  

Fendt Vario Terminal

With the Fendt VarioTerminal™, you can get in tune with live yield mapping, row guidance and harvest data recording. The Smart Connect app provides real-time coverage mapping and machine performance data in a simple mobile app. Automate your Fendt combine with the revolutionary IDEAL Harvest™ system to achieve your best results ever.  

Ag Leader

Ag Leader delivers one of the most trusted yield monitoring displays available today, with real-time yield and moisture mapping for instant feedback on yield performance, plus live field progress on connected displays and devices. Easily share maps, information and more, too. 


Seamlessly collect, store and visualize your critical field data with FieldView. Watch your field maps build in real-time with FieldView Drive, then view your field data, map fields and more via the FieldView Cab app.  


Headsight row guidance systems utilize mechanical sensing wands to feel corn stalks and integrate with existing steering devices for non-GPS guidance, improving efficiency, productivity and feeding. Their height-control systems deliver the best header height control on the market as well.